“When I was done, I had a good-sized pile of dirt, roots, and broken stems. My original plan was to put all of it in the trash. But the process of sifting had revealed that there were a lot of root systems still capable of producing sprouts. I couldn’t bear to throw them in the garbage, but there was no room in the pots. So I went outside and found a nice patch of grass out of the way of mowing paths and spread it all out, hopeful that it would sprout in warmer weather. It reminds me of something my aunt told me once, during a particularly rough time in my life: “God wastes nothing.” Not the extra soil, not the myriad roots, not the broken stems. He uses all of it somewhere, often out of my sight and unbeknownst to me, always to His glory and for our good.” (from this post.)

two months later, i see this:


my jaw dropped! oh me of little faith! it’d been two months and nothing had ever shown up! but suddenly nothing turned into something. ^_^

that’s my favorite thing about God: He can make Something out of anything.

i am reminded once again, not to give up hope just because He’s taking longer than i expected. ♥


a pencil will do. (some paper, too.)

here’s my first installment of the comic strip i started drawing. it’s actually a remake of one i drew several years ago. i’ve been brainstorming a name for it but so far, nothing strikes my fancy; i would *love* to hear suggestions! also, bear with me — i’m still figuring out the best method for transferring from paper to blog. for now, if you can’t see the words clearly enough, click on the image and it will take you to a larger version. :)



the odd in me.

i’m odd. those of you who know me in real life know this already. a lot of you even like it.

i realized today (thanks to heather’s post over here) that i have a tendency to hide parts of myself from this blog— especially the emo or odd or flawed parts. in other words, “the parts of myself i think you won’t like”.

but the title of this blog is “being fae”. not “parts of being fae”. so i’m going to attempt to change the way i filter myself.

i wrote something similar to this a while back. i’m too lazy to look it up. but if you find the post i’m talking about, you get to ask me anything you want. ;)

i’m going to start posting all of me here. pictures i like, thoughts i think, things that are happening to me, complaints, squees, PMS—okay, maybe not the pms. ;)

for example, i like to draw stick people. i always have, for some reason. i just started a “comic” recently, and i’ve been trying to figure out what platform to host it on. but i think i’m going to start posting that here too.

so. *deep breath* here’s all of me. well, not yet, but coming soon.

and if you’re anything like me, NOW you’re thinking, “but why? isn’t that kind of narcissistic, to write about yourself and post your opinions all the time? it seems kind of self-centered and…vain…”

you’re right. it can be narcissistic and vain. (i.e. like filtering myself to make sure you like me.) but, while it is true that blogging can be narcissistic and vain (and i’ll be honest and say that i’ve BEEN narcissistic and vain in my posting on occasion), the truth is that i have something to offer, even if i’m being vain, but especially when i’m not being vain. (is it vain of me to say that?)

susan, heather, mark, sarabeth, shannon and several other people have impacted my life because they were willing to put themselves out there on a blog. i’m sure they’ve all been vain at one time or another. the good news is, God isn’t limited by our humanity; He uses us in whatever condition we’re in. sometimes i’m in good condition — humble, considerate, kind, insightful, articulate — and sometimes i’m in terrible condition — irritable, clumsy, prideful, judgmental, narcissistic.

my motivation for putting it all out there is the hope that God will use me to impact someone the way i’ve been impacted by others.

i’m positive you have something to offer, too. have you ever considered starting a blog? ;)

Tell-Tale Signs Your House Contains Tiny People

1. There are moltings of Tiny People Shells everywhere. Especially the pieces that cover the torso, the legs, and the feet. See fig.1 below.

2. The toilet is always pre-filled, saving you the trouble of having to put something in it before you flush.

3. Various surfaces that were formerly smooth are now sticky, so you really CAN re-use those Post-It notes over and over, in specific spots.

4. Miniature versions of everything are taking over your house. It’s like a miniature invasion of miniature armies, whose nefarious schemes are so tiny, they’re happy with just taking over the house, rather than the whole world. See fig.2 below.

5. The following description sounds more glorious than a trip to see the Seven Wonders of the World:

qui·et /kwīt/
adjective: Making little or no noise.
noun: Absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm.
verb: Make or become silent, calm, or still.

6. The carpet has built-in massage capabilities, if you walk over it barefoot, and the windows have ‘privacy facilitators’, also known as ‘smudges and fingerprints’.

7. And last, but most definitely not least—there is never a dull moment; rather, there are moments of tears, moments of temper, moments of craziness, moments of mess, moments of “WHAT did you just flush down the toilet??” and moments of negotiation (i.e. “Eat this half and you can go play”, “Play nice with your brother or you’re not playing at all”, “ALL the toys have to be picked up, not ‘some’—this is not a negotiation!”). However, there are also moments of sweet, moments of precious, moments of hilarious, and moments of “You did not just say that in public!”—that last one fits into the Sweet And Precious category because, years from now, it WILL be a treasured memory and a favorite at family reunions, first dates, and wedding rehearsals.

If you can relate to one or more of the above, your house most likely contains Tiny People. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the day), there is no remedy. It’s a condition that must run its course and, more often than not, it’s a condition one gets so accustomed to, that oddly enough, it is missed when it has finally gone. ♥


In the Beginning…no, not that one. This one.

How do you start an Introductory post? I suppose that will suffice, actually. But now I need to continue…

This is yet another blog. I think I said that on my last one, too. I never start a new blog for the same reason I started a previous one, and I always start a new blog for a *good* reason – at least, in my opinion. Which, thankfully, is what a blog is all about, generally speaking. Also thankfully, a blog is not required to maintain strict adherence to grammatical and linguistic rules. (Was that redundant?) I have rarely, if ever, strictly adhered to any rules regarding language. In fact, if I ever have adhered to a rule, it was probably an accident. I even buck the rule that punctuation stays inside the quotes; I’m sorry, but if the statement I’m quoting didn’t end with a period, then the period gets to sit very nicely on the outside of the closing quote mark.

But I digress. Severely. I think my original intent was to illuminate what the purpose of this new (and millionty-th) blog is, so let me do that.

I’ve been encouraged from a few different angles to *do* something with my writing. Yes, I’ve started other blogs in the past but they always peter out because I get too self-conscious and start freaking out about how much of myself I’ve posted to the Publick Internetz. So, this one has a few new approaches: less personal stuff, more consistent posting and more intentional posting. I’m going to treat my writing a little more like a commitment and a little less like a hobby. Aaand…we’ll see where it goes.

It might be fun! It probably won’t be any more embarrassing than any of the other stuff I’ve posted…

So. This post was the PERFECT example of a post that started off intentional but ended up mostly unintentional. Here’s to the future, and learning how to be a better writer, strict adherence to rules notwithstanding. (Hey, that’s progress right there!! I used “notwithstanding” based on contextual understanding only! I had to ask my darling husband to confirm I used it correctly! Oops. I’m unintentionaling again.)