Let the Fish Go « Sober Boots

So thoroughly exactly what I needed today, that I cried. (And I’m certain it’s no coincidence that Simon was my Bible reading yesterday and I’ve been procrastinating reading this for several days.) http://soberboots.com/2012/06/22/let-the-fish-go/


How The Hunger Games Cause Starvation

Shannon says it way better than I ever could—and believe me, I’ve been trying to put words together about this for weeks. It seems apparent to me now, that God wants me to deliver Shannon’s message rather than my own. :) Please read her thoughts. I can promise they are encouraging, not condemning. They are thought-provoking, not judgmental. And she actually read/saw The Hunger Games, so she is far more equipped to speak rationally and knowledgeably on the subject than I am. So, without further ado—A Christian Mom’s Thoughts On The Hunger Games.