In the Beginning…no, not that one. This one.

How do you start an Introductory post? I suppose that will suffice, actually. But now I need to continue…

This is yet another blog. I think I said that on my last one, too. I never start a new blog for the same reason I started a previous one, and I always start a new blog for a *good* reason – at least, in my opinion. Which, thankfully, is what a blog is all about, generally speaking. Also thankfully, a blog is not required to maintain strict adherence to grammatical and linguistic rules. (Was that redundant?) I have rarely, if ever, strictly adhered to any rules regarding language. In fact, if I ever have adhered to a rule, it was probably an accident. I even buck the rule that punctuation stays inside the quotes; I’m sorry, but if the statement I’m quoting didn’t end with a period, then the period gets to sit very nicely on the outside of the closing quote mark.

But I digress. Severely. I think my original intent was to illuminate what the purpose of this new (and millionty-th) blog is, so let me do that.

I’ve been encouraged from a few different angles to *do* something with my writing. Yes, I’ve started other blogs in the past but they always peter out because I get too self-conscious and start freaking out about how much of myself I’ve posted to the Publick Internetz. So, this one has a few new approaches: less personal stuff, more consistent posting and more intentional posting. I’m going to treat my writing a little more like a commitment and a little less like a hobby. Aaand…we’ll see where it goes.

It might be fun! It probably won’t be any more embarrassing than any of the other stuff I’ve posted…

So. This post was the PERFECT example of a post that started off intentional but ended up mostly unintentional. Here’s to the future, and learning how to be a better writer, strict adherence to rules notwithstanding. (Hey, that’s progress right there!! I used “notwithstanding” based on contextual understanding only! I had to ask my darling husband to confirm I used it correctly! Oops. I’m unintentionaling again.)