Because some things need to be read by everyone. I rarely re-blog. Rarely. It’s usually sufficient to just post it to Facebook and email it to the people I think it will most likely impact. But today, I read a post that hit me SO PROFOUNDLY so comfortingly, so Hello-Did-You-Forget-You-Are-Imperfect-AND-Loved, I just had to share it in every way possible. God is a God of profound mercy and grace. He doesn’t ask for perfection—He asks that we be wholly delighted IN HIM, deeply in love WITH HIM. The holiness He commands from us will be birthed in that, and then brought to completion by HIS hand. The Bible says so!!!

If you, like me, needed a fresh reminder that God doesn’t just love you—He LIKES you—read this post. If you don’t need the reminder, read it anyway. It’s joy in a cup, the kind of thing you drink even if you’re not thirsty.



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