the odd in me.

i’m odd. those of you who know me in real life know this already. a lot of you even like it.

i realized today (thanks to heather’s post over here) that i have a tendency to hide parts of myself from this blog— especially the emo or odd or flawed parts. in other words, “the parts of myself i think you won’t like”.

but the title of this blog is “being fae”. not “parts of being fae”. so i’m going to attempt to change the way i filter myself.

i wrote something similar to this a while back. i’m too lazy to look it up. but if you find the post i’m talking about, you get to ask me anything you want. ;)

i’m going to start posting all of me here. pictures i like, thoughts i think, things that are happening to me, complaints, squees, PMS—okay, maybe not the pms. ;)

for example, i like to draw stick people. i always have, for some reason. i just started a “comic” recently, and i’ve been trying to figure out what platform to host it on. but i think i’m going to start posting that here too.

so. *deep breath* here’s all of me. well, not yet, but coming soon.

and if you’re anything like me, NOW you’re thinking, “but why? isn’t that kind of narcissistic, to write about yourself and post your opinions all the time? it seems kind of self-centered and…vain…”

you’re right. it can be narcissistic and vain. (i.e. like filtering myself to make sure you like me.) but, while it is true that blogging can be narcissistic and vain (and i’ll be honest and say that i’ve BEEN narcissistic and vain in my posting on occasion), the truth is that i have something to offer, even if i’m being vain, but especially when i’m not being vain. (is it vain of me to say that?)

susan, heather, mark, sarabeth, shannon and several other people have impacted my life because they were willing to put themselves out there on a blog. i’m sure they’ve all been vain at one time or another. the good news is, God isn’t limited by our humanity; He uses us in whatever condition we’re in. sometimes i’m in good condition — humble, considerate, kind, insightful, articulate — and sometimes i’m in terrible condition — irritable, clumsy, prideful, judgmental, narcissistic.

my motivation for putting it all out there is the hope that God will use me to impact someone the way i’ve been impacted by others.

i’m positive you have something to offer, too. have you ever considered starting a blog? ;)


10 thoughts on “the odd in me.

    • augh! thanks! i’m super nervous about sharing it, i think because it definitely shows my “odder side” (as opposed to my “otter side”, which is far less embarrassing), so it’s taking me a bit to muster up the courage to take the vulnerability around here to The Next Level. :D thank you for the encouragement!


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