a revelation of sorts.

there is a profound difference in the way i put myself out there when i’m looking for affirmation from other people versus the way i put myself out there when i’m thoroughly immersed in what God thinks of me. one is tension-filled, anxiety-causing and tinted with neediness; the other is courageous, freeing and honest.

this is nothing new to a lot of people and it’s not so much ‘new’ for me as it is ‘coming to the surface’, in plainer view, so-to-speak.

i’m still hashing out how to stay immersed in God’s thoughts toward me, rather than being absorbed in what other people think of me. (what an interesting comparison! one is immersion, the other is absorption; one is being surrounded by, the other is being sucked into; one is gain, the other is loss. how fitting.)

so how do you resist the flesh-ridden impulse to be absorbed by other people’s opinions? and what helps you be more preoccupied with how God feels about you?

do you also have a tendency to project other people’s opinions onto God, as though they’re His opinions too, when you’re caught up in what others think? i do that. it makes me miserable.

zephaniah 3:17 is my current defense against needing affirmation from other people. incidentally, it also helps me be more preoccupied with what God thinks. it’s a double-whammy!

share some other double-whammy scriptures, please. :)

p.s. i recognize that walking with our incredible Creator is not all about us; certainly, praising Him and meditating on His glorious character would go a long way toward taking our thoughts off others’ opinions of us. there is definitely an element of pridefulness that plays into our tendency to seek affirmation from people. however, there is also an element of simply being created to love and be loved and the impact that a sinful nature will have on that part of us. this post is meant to explore the latter and not the former. in other words, we were created to be loved by God. how best do we prevent that from being twisted by our fallen nature into a search for “extra-curricular affirmation”, if you will? :) a verse like zephaniah 3:17 helps to re-orient our need to be loved toward the Source that will actually satisfy. i’m looking for more of that.

p.p.s. that was supposed to pe a brief clarification of this post. but it wasn’t. so here’s a brief clarification of the p.s. instead. :D



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