7 Comforting Truths For The Christ-follower

These are some truths that God has been bringing to light over the last few days. They have been really encouraging to me so I wanted to share them.*

1. I’ve been a child of God for a long time. I’ve been a dedicated Christ-follower for a couple of years. I will never “arrive”! No matter how long I do this life with God, I will never completely understand Him. I will still get confused. I will still feel lost sometimes. I will definitely screw up. It’s okay. God knows that I am dust; His grace is sufficient for me; He *will* finish the good work in me that He started. :)

2. Jesus has given me permission to badger Him. (Luke 18) So I don’t need to feel guilty when I pray about that one thing AGAIN. In fact, persistence is a good thing! God wants to know the desires of my heart and He is a refuge for me. I am to present all of my requests with thanksgiving but there is no limit to how many times I am allowed to present my requests! God wants me to approach His throne with courage and boldness. He is a loving Father who loves to give good gifts to His children.

3. If I am not getting what I’m asking for, is it because God isn’t good or is it because what I’m asking for is not good for me? ;) This question has changed the way I approach prayer. I ask Him for everything and then rest in the knowledge that, if I don’t receive it, it is because it wasn’t good for me. This doesn’t mean I always love the answer He gives me; for example, I am badgering Him to provide a job for my husband and a house for us to live in. I am not loving that thus far, He has said ‘no’. But I know He is GOOD—there is GOOD wrapped up in the situation I am not loving and one day, I will see it and be grateful for it!

4. The Christian life is not for ME to live. It is for God to live through me, when I surrender to Him and allow Him to fill me with His Holy Spirit! I need to stop spinning my wheels trying to accomplish “good things” and instead, ask Him to fill me with His power and live His life through me. He gives me grace and strength for each moment if I remember to receive it! Right now, the only thing on my “Christian To-Do List” is: Remember to receive God’s power moment by moment! Staying aware of this keeps me from losing my temper with my children, husband, or malfunctioning technology. ;) It keeps me from panicking when a rug gets pulled out from under my feet. It keeps me MOMENT-oriented, instead of “overwhelming Big Picture”-oriented.

5. I don’t know what God is up to. AND IT’S OKAY. I don’t NEED to know! I need to live! To pray! To rejoice! This is the hardest one to get through my head. I don’t need to know what God is up to. I don’t need to figure it out.

6. I am weak. Weak, weak, weak. It’s okay to be weak. God’s strength is made perfect because of my weakness. I need to STOP trying to buck up! Stop trying to buckle down! GOD is the one working—in and through me. I need to sit back, be weak, and glory in His strength, grace, and mercy. It’s never about me!

7. This too shall pass. No, it really will. If things are tough right now, they *will* get easy again. If things are easy right now, they *will* get tough again. And when one thing finally starts coming together, something else will start to fall apart. BUT IT’S OKAY!!! I can be at rest, I can be joy-filled regardless of my circumstances. It’s a moment-by-moment process. The Christian life is not a gas tank that gets filled up all at once and then gradually used up. The Christian life is a lung, that gets filled up and emptied *each* moment. BREATHE. Trust. Believe that He is good, He is capable, He is working. And, He is smiling. :) God smiles at me. God is smiling at me. God is smiling at you.

* If there is anything here that you would like scriptural back-up for, please let me know. Almost every sentence is based on an actual scripture that God has shown me recently. I was going to include the references as I typed but it was going to be very cluttered so I’m including this disclaimer instead. ;)


4 thoughts on “7 Comforting Truths For The Christ-follower

  1. I loved this post, Fae! Beautifully written, refreshingly honest, and absolutely true! You are a woman who understands grace! I am continuing to pray for your husband’s next job. (And looking forward to the post you will write with all the wonderful details about how Jesus has so perfectly provided! :)

    • Believe me, that is one post I am looking forward to writing!! :-D

      Thank you for your affirming words, Susan! You are such an encourager, on your blog and off of it!

  2. This was a really great and encouraging post. This, in particular, messed me up – “If I am not getting what I’m asking for, is it because God isn’t good or is it because what I’m asking for is not good for me?” One thing, though, I would not say that God has said no to your prayer. God gives three answers: yes, no and wait. He wants to do something in your waiting process and I think you know that. :)

    • You are absolutely right, Christian! He has been saying wait for a long time, so there is definitely something He is trying to accomplish in the waiting! ;)

      Thank you for your comment! It always amazes me when someone I don’t even know has been impacted by God working in my life and it’s wonderfully encouraging. :)


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