Becoming Cliche

I love my kids. They’re funny, entertaining, and oh, so sweet. But I am learning that I need at least a few quiet minutes to myself each day in order to be at my best. Whether it’s reading my latest win from Goodreads, writing a bit myself, or just pondering the day ahead, I am a more sane better person if I can get it done without having to remove a lego from a nostril or referee World War Sibling. So I make a point to carve out some quiet time.


My first thought was that I would stay up after they go to bed. And that worked until the oldest hit her teen years. I am not exactly a night owl, and most nights I give up and go to bed before she does. Say around 9:30.Did I mention that I am not a night owl? And…

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    • I laughed out loud too! My favorite part was when she said she was writing from inside the laundry hamper. :D It’s amazing what lengths we go to for just a few minutes of solitude. But your words “I remember those days” hold hopeand also a reminder, to appreciate them while they’re here. ;)


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