Give Me Something To Write About! Please?

I would like to broaden my writing horizons but everything I think of to write about, I end up writing off. (Terrible pun intended.) So I came up with the semi-brilliant idea of asking my audience for suggestions.

Ask me a personal question, suggest a short story plot premise or just give me a random topic to write about (preferably something interesting because you can only write so much about silkworms or chocolate milk).

I reserve the right to refuse and you reserve the right to badger me anyway. ;)

Email it, comment at WordPress or on Facebook, or tweet me (@beingfae).

Ready? Go!


6 thoughts on “Give Me Something To Write About! Please?

  1. silkworms drinking chocolate milk…GO! no no no…

    The effect of religious parents on their children. You always say you “were raised in the bible” and you know all the books and can quote scripture with the best of them. Your parents are obviously religious and raised their kids with it in their lives.
    How do you feel it influanced you and your brothers? Are you all religiously like-minded and if not how do you differ? Do you think that you would still be as devoted to your walk if you weren’t “raised in it”?

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your answer! :o) However…I don’t like the term “religious”. I prefer “relationship”. Perhaps that is something else you can write about: the difference between “religious” and “relationship”.

  3. Your biggest influences in your life thus far: people, an experience, an event, etc.?

    I also find it fascinating to read about a dramatic turning point in the lives of others. Is there anything in your life that you clearly label “this was my life before” and ” this is my life after” a particular event?

    Favorite memory?

    Things that are on your “bucket list”?

    If there is some particular hobby you are passionate about, you could write a “how to” post for others who may be interested in the same thing.

    Those are just a few things off the top of my head. :)

    • Wonderful!! Thank you, Susan!! I need to figure out which one I want to tackle first but I intend to tackle all of them at some point. :D


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