7 Things I’ve Learned From Social Media

1. If the person can’t see you, it’s okay to talk trash about them. In a public setting, this works best from under a table or around the corner.

2. Real names are not required.

3. If someone puts something out there, it’s up for grabs. You can comment on anything and everything, even if it’s a “private” side conversation on someone’s Facebook status.

4. Nobody cares about your personal opinion but everyone thinks you care about theirs.
     4a. Hiding behind a computer screen is free license to propagate your pet agenda.
     4b. Propogating your pet agenda in a public setting makes you an extremist.

5. Cool people “retweet” but being retweeted doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cool. It can definitely mean you said something reeeally stupid.

6. Everything is a contest. It’s imperative to your social standing that you constantly tag people in your status updates while listing all the cool stuff you did with them and/or how much fun you’re having with them. The last person to post a status like this is a rotten egg who has no friends. Unless you’re like me and you rebel against social trends – then you’re just a rotten egg and people who aren’t your friends don’t like you.

7. “Social networking” is just a fancy term for “I wanna be all up in yo biz.” “Friendship” is just a fancy term for “I want you all up in my biz.” Generally speaking, social networking and friendship don’t happen in the same place.

Share what social media has taught you! If you tend to go on like I do, limit your “lessons” to 7, too. ;)


4 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned From Social Media

  1. 1) It’s confirmed with me that God’s opinion of me is what matters. No one else’s.

    2) It’s taught me that it has its place but it isn’t the place I thought in the beginning. (everything in moderation AND Christ is all I need)

    3) It’s taught me that there are more funny things out there than I realized. (It’s a good place to get a laugh.)

    4) It’s reiterated for me that I am responsible for how I spend my time.

    5) It’s made me realize that there are a lot of lonely people in the world who, for some reason, don’t have fulfilling connections. Or…it could be just people’s desires to be noted…to “be somebody”…:o]

    6) It’s shown me that it can be a wealth of information: I don’t watch TV/the news or listen to radio much. FB keeps me up on happenings in the world I might otherwise be oblivious to. Some of which have been useful to know. It also has helped me find out about things like free Kindle books.

    7) I don’t really have another thing to put here but I wanted to use up what I was allotted! ;o)

  2. I used to think that social networking kept me up to date with current events, but not a single one of my friends tweeted/posted the results of the super bowl. What is this world coming to?


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