An Unintentional Post About Writing Intentionally

I’m sitting here wondering what it would look like for me to write “intentionally”. I know what I mean by that but I don’t know how to go about doing it. I’m so used to just getting stuck inside my head and then saying, “Oh hey, let’s blog about that!” But that’s not intentional – that’s spontaneous, impulsive and random. I want to write purposefully, not just superfluously. (Superfluously is okay as long as it’s purposeful, too.)

So. Gimme your thoughts on what it looks like to write purposefully. Please?


6 thoughts on “An Unintentional Post About Writing Intentionally

  1. I would say that to write purposefully, you still have to have an idea that you bounce around in your head. I’ve read posts of yours before that I have considered intentional. The ones where you speak out against or for something. Ask God what He would have you write about. I’m sure He’ll answer.

    • I need to keep a list like that. The last couple of days, I’ve had at least 3 different ideas of things to write about but some of them require more thought. As always, you are a positive influence! :)


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